Daniel Hearn

Computer Science student at the University of portsmouth

Currently on my placement year with Fresh Relevance

I experiment with the web

I experiment with code on Codepen, the source code for all my projects can be found on Github as well as their designs on Behance and Dribble.

I'm proficient in HTML5 (Pug) and CSS3 (SCSS), working to improve my Javascript (ES6, ES7), using Vue to build web apps and using Experience Design, Photoshop, Webpack, Gulp, and Git to enhance my workflow.

I have experience with Django and Node. I can also code in Python and Java, and database with MYSQL.

Check out my projects

Here is a selection of my best open-source, personal, and commercial projects.


Open Source - Multiple twitch stream viewer made with Vue.

Interiors of Aylesbury

Commercial Client - Custom Wordpress theme developed for Interiors of Aylesbury.

CSS Loaders

Open Source - Collection of CSS loaders.

Korean Handbook

Personal Project - Django Web app providing various tools and information teaching the Korean language.

My Side Projects

Here are my best side projects and codepens.

Pixel World Generator

JavaScript - Generates a 2D pixel world.

Snake Game

JavaScript - Recreation of snake.

CSS Grid Posters

CSS - Recreation of posters using CSS grid.

Maze Generator

JS - Maze generator

Feel free to contact me

While im not currently open for freelance projects, feel free to email about web development. My CV is also available on request.