My Solo Ranking of Button Shy Games

May 09, 2023

Updated on January 24, 2024

This is my solo ranking of Button Shy Games I have played as of January 24th 2024

This list includes any expansions for the game whether solo only or not as listing expansions would be too confusing. This includes solo only and solo mode games and does not consider the multiplayer modes in any way.

  1. Tussie Mussie Requires expansion
  2. Wildtails: A Pirate Legacy
  3. Super Slopes
  4. At The Helm
  5. Ragemore
  6. SpaceShipped
  7. Fishing Lessons
  8. Skulls of Sedlec Requires expansion
  9. Ugly Gryphon Inn
  10. Unsurmountable
  11. The Royal Limited
  12. Food Chain Island
  13. Death Valley
  14. ROVE: Results-Oriented Versatile Explorer
  15. Agropolis
  16. Sprawlopolis
  17. Naturopolis

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