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Written by Daniel Hearn , I develop software and play board games. I'm on BoardGameGeek. Contact me by email.

Solo Review

  1. Cover of Battle Card Review

    January 27, 2024

    Battle Card is a mostly successful attempt at recreating historical battles in a small scale.

  2. Cover of Waypoints Review

    November 29, 2023 (updated November 30, 2023)

    Waypoints is a fantastic roll and write that meshes perfectly with its theme.

  3. Cover of Colostle Review

    October 20, 2023

    Colostle provides an engrossing world to explore as you journal your adventures.

  4. Cover of Doom Machine Review

    October 08, 2023

    Doom Machine is a fantastic dice-chucker with punishing difficulty.

  5. Cover of Iron Helm Review

    July 02, 2023 (updated August 30, 2023)

    Iron Helm is a fantastic solo dungeon crawler in a small package.

  6. Cover of Fishing Lessons Review

    June 01, 2023

    Fishing Lessons is a satisfying programming game that has limited replayability.

  7. Cover of SpaceShipped Review

    April 30, 2023

    SpaceShipped is a great space merchant adventure that is let down by extreme randomness.

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